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Welcome  to our English blog!
It's time to learn while having some fun! 
Here you will find some news about the English activities we do at school as well as some songs,stories, music and videos.


We hope you enjoy it!


Coming back from 1st May Bank Holidays, we enjoyed and learned while watching theatre plays:

INFANTS: "Little Red Riding Hood" (Blue Mango)

CI and 3rd: "Georgina and the dragon" (IPA Productions)

4th and CS: "Tommy and the talent thief" (IPA Productions)

We are the world...


Here you can watch the video-song about the Earth: we are learning the continents, oceans and having a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoy...


Families are welcomed...


We have started with the families collaborations.

For the moment, a father from P5, 2nd and 5th grades visited us and we had fun while learning and practising English.


Koala text

From this year, 2017 - 2018, we have started using a new English platform called Koala text.

It is a very useful resource to continue practising English outside from the school: using your own PC, laptop, mobile, etc.

Once you connect, you can find many listenings, videos and texts to learn more about what we are doing in class. And, of course, you can do exercises online or print them (do them) and bring them to school to be corrected by the English teacher.

We hope you have fun!!

Anna, our English speaking assistant

This young teacher coming from Greece is helping our students improving their oral English skills.

She arrived at the bigining of the second term and will be in Maria Manent until May.

Boys and girls enjoy her activities and spending time with her a lot!

Having fun and learning! 

Marti bracelets, a Greek tradition for March


Anna told us this custome from her country (Greece) and we loved the idea:

The “Marti bracelet” or just “Marti” is an ancient custom for the beginning of Spring.

The name is derived from the Greek word for the month of March, “Martios”! From March 1st, it is a tradition, especially for children, to wear a bracelet made of twisted white and red thread (see photo).

The white symbolizes purity, and the red color stands for life and passion.

Children wear the bracelet for the entire month and remove it the last day of March. After taking off the bracelet, they hang it in a fruit tree, so the tree will remain healthy and give many fruits. It can also help birds to build its nest.


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